By Geoff Bryan
October 16, 2017

Please be sure to take a look at the new planting in the Courtyard, part of an Eagle Scout project being performed by Michael Van Citters (with plenty of helpers).  

Geoff Bryan

Property Chair

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By Geoff Bryan
February 28, 2017

The outside of the church has been receiving a major grooming and cleanup for the last few months.  Of course it would be right at this time that our long drought would end!  The workers have been creative in working around the raindrops.

One major issue that came to light during this work was the deterioration of the wooden understructure supporting the walkways around the center courtyard and the east courtyard (CFC play area).  Our contractor has been working feverishly to replace rotted wood and re-level the walkways, using wood that should be more resistant to moisture damage.

We hope to have things buttoned up before the Easter holidays.

Geoff Bryan

Property Moderator

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By Geoff Bryan
June 03, 2016

Our parking lots are being patched and re-sealed by California Paving & Grading today.  Look for a nice improvement this Sunday.  And if you see Foster Dennis please thank him for his great work. 

-- Geoff Bryan, Property Moderator

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Both the 9:00 service and the 11:00 service could really use more person-power to help with sound, lighting, and video/slide projection tasks.  

The 9:00 service is the more demanding one from a sound standpoint.  We need someone to set up for the 9:00 praise band the day before (Saturday).  Then on that Sunday morning, the sound crew needs to arrive by about 7:00 AM at the latest to make sure everything is on and ready to go when the musicians arrive shortly afterward.  Rehearsal starts around 7:30 AM and runs until shortly before 9:00 AM.  Then a sound person will mix and control the audio during the service.

The 11:00 service is far less complicated on a typical week.  The sound person will be controlling the fixed microphones on the lectern and the pulpit, one handheld wireless mike (if used), and headworn lavalier mikes for Andy and Lee (or any guest speakers).  Many times the sound person will also double on advancing the video slides on the computer next to the sound board.  We are particularly thin on personnel for 11:00 AM and it would be a tremendous help to get people who can handle the slides in order to allow the sound person to concentrate on the sound.  This would be an excellent starter position because no experience is necessary -- just the ability to pay attention.

And finally, there is a very modest amount of teardown and closing up after the second service. 

High school age and up would be welcome for these jobs, male or female.  There can be a lot of walking and stair use from the chancel in front to the sound/lighting board in the balcony. 

If you're interested, please contact Duane Fernandez at

-- Geoff Bryan, Property Moderator 

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By Geoff Bryan
March 08, 2016

Take a walk to the back of the church (behind the Sanctuary) and see the new wall in its near-finished state.

The concrete work is done and the asphalt has been filled in and leveled.  We still need to re-stripe the parking spaces to coincide with the new work, and the outdoor lights need to be hooked up.  Also, the crash bar and lock hardware for the gate need to be installed.  But we're pretty far along and it should not be too much longer before it's all finished.

We owe many thanks for Duane Fernandez and Foster Dennis for all they have done to move this project forward.  

-- Geoff Bryan, Property Moderator 

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